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New Zealand

About Us

Tauranga Timebank started in 2012.  We believe that everybody likes to feel connected, but in our busy-ness, we have forgotten how to make that happen. Tauranga Time Bank was established to help neighbours and communities re-connect by simply sharing time and skills. It is an old-fashioned principle that most people believe in, but somewhere along the line the 'how-to' got lost. We want to provide a vehicle for re-establishing those connections in Tauranga and Western Bay of Plenty and we are excited to have you a part of it.

Timebank Principles

We are all assets  Every human being can be a builder and a contributor – we all have something to give.

Redefine work  We have to move beyond delivering services because delivering services does not create those networks or the constituencies of social justice that we all need and want.  The kind of work that builds society needs to be honoured, recorded and rewarded  - viz.,  building strong families; revitalising neighbourhoods and community; making democracy  work; advancing social justice; rebuilding social values; and making the planet more sustainable.

Social Justice  We need to build social infrastructure – networks are stronger than individuals. There are 5 kinds of labour that the market doesn’t value – caring labour; civic labour; social justice labour; cultural labour. Part of building a civic infrastructure is building rewards and a way of honouring the work in those domains because those are the domains where more labour is needed.

Respect  Timebanking respects people and the role they play in our community

Reciprocity  People must contribute back – we are good at saying "can I help you?" and bad at saying "can you help me?"; but that's like saying "I have something you want but you have nothing I want or need or value and the only asset you have that I value is your problems".  We need to turn that into "we need each other; how can we help each other?"

Be Active

For Time Banking to really work, we all need to be active in sharing our time and skills. As with anything in life, the more you put in to the Time Bank Community, the more you will get out of it. Not just in jobs done - but in friendships and connections. Tauranga Time Bank is still very new, but we will be organising all sorts of events and activities in the coming months, so that members can get to know each other better. I encourage you to make the most of the opportunities and get involved.


Share the Time Banking Concept with Others

Not everyone is interested in joining a Time Bank, because they already trade time and skills within their own group of friends or neighbours. Obviously thats a great start, but joining a Time Bank will make the experience of giving even more rewarding. By joining a Time Bank they are making their time and skills available to a much larger pool of people AND they have a much larger pool of time and skills to tap in to themselves. Now instead of trading babysitting for baking, they could learn Spanish, get their toenails painted or have their less favourite tasks taken care of. Their chore could be someone elses hobby. The more people who join the Time Bank, the more exciting it becomes - so please help us to spread the word. Next time someone does you a favour, tell them you would like to pay them in Time Credits and encourage them to join the Tauranga Time Bank. They will instantly have time credits to spend, and you will have helped grow our Time Bank Community.



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